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Blog: ISI / BIS Certification

What is BIS Certification (ISI Mark) or BIS License in India?

BIS stands for Bureau for Indian Standards. BIS Certificate is a national certification, which is regulated by Indian Ministry of Consumer Protection, Bureau of India Standards, and Food and Public Distribution. All importers need to ensure for certify their products which are notified under Mandatory Product List before importing them to India.  For Foreign manufacturers, the certification scheme is regulated by BIS under special provisions.

Some of the important product categories, which require BIS Certificate, are cement, household electric goods, automobile accessories, medical equipment, electrical transformers, oil pressure stoves, diesel engines, cylinders, valves and regulators, steel products and food and its related products.


Importance of BIS Certification:


BIS certification is important because it provides the following benefits:


1. It provides national standards that focus on the interest of the consumers.

2. It also ensures that BIS certificate actively participate in the formulation of the international standards.

3. It improves the brand image pertaining to quality, thus increasing the brand value of the product.


Process of BIS Certification in India:


The following process needs to be followed to get certification for the product through BIS:


1. Application Submission

2. Factory Audit by BIS Officer

3. Product testing in BIS approved lab in India

4. Final Fees payment

5. Issue of Certificate


Applying for BIS Certification in India:


Only the manufacturer of the product can apply for BIS certification (ISI Mark). Any manufacturer (domestic or foreign) who wishes to sell its product in the Indian market under any brand and location is eligible to apply for BIS Certification. Applicant needs arranging the List of Required Documents to apply for BIS Certification. One Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) will be required for the foreign manufacturer. Standard duration for getting BIS Certificate for Indian Manufacturer is 30 working days approx and for foreign manufacturer is 6 months approx.


Some of the important factors to get certified under BIS Certification or BIS License are:


1. BIS License is issued only in the name of manufacturer only where products are being produced.

2. Importers and traders are not eligible for getting the BIS License.

3. The BIS License is granted to manufacturers for a particular manufacturing site. If the address of the manufacturer changes, he/she needs to apply for a new BIS License.

4. If many product categories are manufactured by the company, then a separate BIS License for each product category will be needed.




BIS certification gives a third-party assurance to consumers about quality, safety and reliability of the products. It also offers the ISI mark on goods through which a product meets the Indian standards set by Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS provides BIS certificate to manufacturers with unique License Number. Without standard certificate with unique license number obtained from BIS, manufacturers are not allowed to sell or distribute their products in India which are mentioned under mandatory product list for BIS License. Foreign manufacturers who export their product to India without BIS certification may have to take back their goods from custom point.

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