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ISI Certification for Interlocking Paver Blocks

Every manufacturer wants to know the easiest way to register their products for ISI certification. Today we share the best way to get the certification for paver blocks. There are two options in front of you for certification; one is to complete the whole process by yourself. Another option is to transfer the liability on the shoulder of the agent and focus on your work. The mediator charges a lump sum fee from you but is it worth paying. They know about the documents required for filing the form, quality standard, and many other aspects which you are not aware of them. Agents know how to revert if any query is raised by the BIS officials. At some point in time, you will need the help of a consultant for ISI certification. The application form can be filled offline and online, but the survey can be done physically only.

Scope of interlocking paver blocks industry

The scope of the paver blocks industry is very huge. The number of customers and demand for blocks is also increasing day by day. Paver blocks are used for pedestrian precincts, pavement patios, driveways, parking lots, roads, etc. The prices of paver blocks make them popular among users. The process of ISI certification for paver blocks can be handled by a manufacturer or an agent. The manufacturer and the retailer's list are increasing day by day. The profit margin is also very high in this industry. Many Indian and foreign companies compeering with each other and claim their product is best in the market.

Customers prefer ISI-certified paver blocks for interlocking

Yes, paver blocks come under the mandatory product for ISI certification. If you are a manufacturer of paver blocks, then you need to apply for an ISI certificate for your product. Without ISI certification no one can sell paver blocks in the market. To register your product, first, read the compliance and criteria on the official website of the Bureau of Indian Standard. Manufacturers can also refer to the website of Liaison website to know the details and documents required for certification. In the case of the foreign seller also ISI certification is a must. The time duration for registering their product in ISI is more time taking in comparison with a domestic manufacturer.

Customers prefer buying ISI-certified blocks because of various reasons i.e. quality, durability, reliability, and long life. The products which come under ISI certification have to meet certain quality and safety measures. To check the compliance of the paver blocks officer of BIS visit the manufacturing unit and collect random samples for checking. BIS ensures the customers that they will get quality products. No manufacturer of paver blocks sells their product in the market without ISI certification, still, if nobody is selling then it is illegal.

Different types of paver blocks

In the market, you will find different kinds of paver blocks for interlocking. You will buy depending upon your need and preference. The variety of paver blocks are as follows:- ->Trihex Grooves Paver Block
->Rectangular Eta Shape Paver Block
->Triangle Shape Paver Blocks
->Square Shape Paver Blocks
->Crown Shape Paver Block
->F- Pending Shape Paver Block
->Behaton Shape Paver Block
->Kerbstone Shape Paver Block
->Colorado Shape Paver Block
->Europa Shape Paver
->Marigold Paver Block
->Tigris Paver Block

Consumers can find lots of designs and colors in every type of paver block. But all of the paver blocks need ISI certification to sell.


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