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IS 13252 Part-1 in IT Equipment and Electronic items

Innovation is progressing quickly. The profoundly serious IT gear market is in the interest by and by. Being a focal point of fascination of most of the associations just as the clients, the Bureau of Indian Standards has made it compulsory to have a BIS India registration mark on the items.


The presented standard IS 13252: Part 1 which incorporated a critical assortment of IT hardware and items that can straightforwardly influence the convenience of the buyers. Having this accreditation implies that the item has passed all the security checks and satisfies the set guideline by the power.


Relatively few individuals know it, however such gear can be dangerous for use in the event that they don't fulfil the quality guidelines.


Assurance from Hazards

The preeminent justification the presentation of this norm by BIS India is to shield individuals from likely dangers from utilizing such items. Presently you should figure what a contraption cause can harm. The appropriate response is that there are a lot of ways how IT gear can present danger to the client.



The undetectable foe of living creatures, radiation is something that you can't see or feel, however can harm the body from within. Gear can emanate radiation as infra-red, radio, lasers, and bright. These can harm the DNA and cause different issues too. During the test, BIS India guarantees that the radiation levels are low and wellbeing steps are taken.


Electric Shock

Electric shock is a significant reason for wounds while dealing with IT gear. To acquire BIS India affirmation, every one of the spaces which are powerless against shocks should be covered with bolted covers and control on the flood of energy.



A few IT parts are known to have high temperatures significantly under ordinary conditions. Coming into contact with such parts can prompt consumes, and declining in security. A few stages are taken to abstain from overheating remembering notice finishes paperwork for the possibly hot regions, and control overheating with cooling frameworks.


Underlying Issues

The body of the hardware ought to be made so as to not make hurt the clients. Regions like sharp edges, and flimsy parts while moving the thing can prompt serious wounds. The body ought to be made so that there are no sharp edges, and the body is profoundly steady while utilizing and moving. What's more, there ought to be markings on the spaces where client access is beyond the realm of imagination.


What are the major Products Included in IS 13252: Part 1?


Under the IS 13252: Part 1, there is plenty of IT equipments included and those are:

  • -> Data Processing Equipment
  • -> Routers
  • -> Data Network Equipment
  • -> Mail Processing Machines
  • -> ATMs
  • -> Telephone Machines
  • -> Photo printing Machines
  • -> Media Equipment
  • -> Personal Computers
  • -> Printers
  • -> Electronic Retail Equipment
  • -> Telecommunication Network Infrastructure Equipment


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