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Importance of Quality Control into the Indian Market

Importance of Quality Control into the Indian Market

Quality is the capability of a product, service to converge its conformation specifications. Design specifications are an explanation of what the customer needs. Quality is an ongoing process that touches everything from buying to manufacturing to distribution. Now a day’s quality control and assurance are playing an important role when it comes to any service or product. With the high market competition, quality has become the market different from all for almost all products and services. Quality control is necessary to build a successful organization that delivers products that converge customers’ prospect. When you running a business or an organization, especially a business that deals with manufacturing, it is of the utmost consequence that you implement quality control procedures into everything you do. After all, if the goods you are selling are not up to customer’s expectation, you are hardly likely to get growth of your business, and the reviews of your company probably won’t skyrocket.

For Indian market BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), is taking care of Quality control on behalf of consumers so that all manufacturers import their products irreproachable. BIS covers up to 13000 products for safety and quality testing.

ISI mark reassures, everyone that the product is safe and the quality is good. The ISI mark is the most acknowledged certification mark in the Indian subcontinent. The ISI mark is operated and owned by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), the national body of India. The ISI certification is mandatory for many products including steel, home appliances, kitchen appliances, baby products, building materials and many more.


Benefits of Quality Control

Safety and Trust:  BIS delineates strict quality control to ensure safe products and conquer the trust of customers.

Satisfaction of consumers: Consumers are greatly profited as they get superior quality products on account of quality control. It gives them satisfaction.

Quality augmentation has linkages to market share and profitability: Even before the expansion of manufacturing industries into the service industry, the campaign for improved quality took place. Managements adopt consistent approaches such as concentrating on the control of costs and employees.

Growth in sales: Quality control ensures production of quality products which is helpful in attracting more customers for the product thereby increasing sales.


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