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Importance of ISI Certification for Consumer and Manufacturers - ISI Blog

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Importance of ISI Mark Certification for Consumer and Manufacturers

Importance of ISI Mark Certification for Consumer and Manufacturers

Indian Standards Institute, basically, it is the mark of product testing. ISI mark reassures, everyone that your product is safe to use. The ISI mark is the most acknowledged certification mark in the Indian subcontinent. The ISI mark is developed by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), it is the national body of India. The ISI mark is mandatory for many products including home appliances, kitchen appliances, baby products, building materials and many more. BIS made a slogan called “Jaago Graahak Jaago” towards awareness of consumers that’s why BIS made this slogan for that consumer who is not aware of ISI mark. There are 136 products which come under ISI certification. All 136 products are not allowed to being sold in Indian market until it has not approved by ISI.


There are many ISI major points that every consumer should keep in mind:

  • The vendor must mention on the receipt that product is ISI mark certified.
  • If the product quality not great then you can complain in BIS.
  • BIS keeps checking on the product manufacturers whether they are following the ISI guidelines or not.
  • The investigation takes time for three months in case of a complaint made against a manufacturer.


There are lots of foreign manufacturers who really want to skyrocket their business in Indian consumer market we at Brand Liaison helps to all the product manufacturers by approvals of ISI certification so that they can expand their business waves into the India consumer market. Brand Liaison endows ISI certification to all foreign manufacturers who want to upswing their business in Indian market. We provide single window solution to our reputed clients. Apart from ISI certification Brand Liaison India provides their other compliance services as well BIS registration and WPC approvals, BEE Certification, EPR Registration, Trademark and Patent registration.

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