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BIS/CRS Certification Consultant

It's quite vital to make sure that the products that we are using hold good quality and safe to use. Keeping an equivalent into thought, a world agency in Geneva, Switzerland established a corporation called the world organization for Standardization (ISO).

India is additionally a member of this organization, and that is called the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Products supporting the standards mentioned by BIS India are certified. The Bureau of Indian Standards reviews the Indian Standards once in 5 years.

BIS Certification

BIS certification is a means of giving a third party guarantee to the customer of the quality, safety and reliability of products. To protect the economic interests of citizens, the Indian government has set different standards for almost every product.

"Smart registration for BIS Certification is a definite step towards our serious vision to be digital and advanced which emerged as a backbone for society at large".

BIS Certification India Scheme

One of the world's largest BIS Certification India Scheme with over 26500 licensees covering more than 900 products. It allows the manufacturer to use the popular ISI mark on their products which says that the product is pure and healthy. According to the government notification, 90 products essentially require BIS Certification. Under the Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme of BIS, foreign manufacturers may be licensed to use the BIS standard mark. Currently, more than 350 licenses have been awarded to more than 50 Indian standards in 40 different countries.

Types of BIS Certification Scheme

  1. Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers: The applicant has to submit a BIS Certification application along with some documents and the required fee. After the application is submitted, the evaluation is done by the BIS officer and an independent test report is prepared. If all things go well then BIS Certification is provided where the sampling process is acceptable. BIS Certification is given within 4 months of submission of application.
  2. Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers: In the simple process, the applicant along with the application for BIS Certification submits a test report of the sample from the approved lab to the BIS officer. The BIS officer will verify the registration and grant certificate of the factory within 30 days of submission.
  3. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme: For foreign applicants or manufacturers, the ISI mark has been specifically designed and provided under a separate scheme over 6 months. So that standard mark can be used on products. The BIS Certification covered under this process can be obtained in 6 months.

Who Can Apply for BIS certification in India?

  • Manufacturers of the products notified in the scheme which is located in India or outside India.
  • The separate Registration number for products existing manufactured at different locations.
  • The separate Registration number for each brand existing manufactured at the same location.

BIS/CRS Certification Mandatory Products

Not all electronic products or separate products that need BIS Certification but specific products fall under the mandatory requirement. The product category is mentioned below:

  • IT Products
  • Electronic Products
  • Electrical Products

BIS Certification Process

BIS Certification process can be completed in only 5 steps after implementation of the new process:

Present Process for BIS Certification
Step 1: Login creation
Step 2: Online application
Step 3: Hard copy receipt
Step 4: Allotment of officer
Step 5: Scrutiny/Query
Step 6: Approval
Step 7: Grant
Step 8: R-Number generation
Step 9: Prepare the letter and upload

Smart Registration for BIS Certification
Step 1: Login creation
Step 2: Test request Generation
Step 3: Online application
Step 4: Allotment of officer
Step 5: Scrutiny/Query/Approval/Grant

BIS Certification Process Timeline

Total time for BIS Certification will be approx. 30 working days, including testing time and BIS application processing time.

Registration on this new platform can only be done by an Indian importer or manufacturer. This new digital registration scheme is more efficient than before as no longer hard copy reports are required in this process. Alternatively, the local BIS test lab will submit the test reports directly to you through the portal, All through the digital space.

The credibility of industries depends on the quality of their products. To move forward in the era of increased competition, it has become necessary to maintain quality. The BIS standard mark on the product is an indication of the highest standards during their manufacturing. The BIS signal will assure them that the government has tested, tested and approved the product for its highest performance.

Benefits of BIS Certification for Manufacturing Units

Save time and money – using our technical pre-check service to avoid retests and reduce cost.

Reduce risk – by ensuring your electrical and electronic products comply with Indian regulations, avoiding government under the BIS Act and reducing business disruption.

Expand market understanding – through our team of local and global experts who understand how the Indian regulations and standards apply to your product.

Introduction one-stop assistance – to meet the requirements of the India Compulsory Registration Scheme. As a BIS approved laboratory, we provide support across the entire compliance chain, from testing to registration.

Why is the Scheme Important for Your Business?

All foreign manufacturers of regulated electrical and electronic products expected to export to India are required to obtain a BIS Certification. As we have already stated that without registration, manufacturers cannot legally supply to the Indian market, with fraud and unauthorized use considered a violation of the law punishable under the BIS Act.

Your Challenges

To gain access to the market of electronic and IT products, manufacturers and suppliers have to comply with Indian regulations and standards to prove high levels of safety and quality. To obtain BIS Certification, manufacturers and suppliers face the challenge of finding a locally based representative who provides high-quality market access services.

Documents Needed for BIS Certification in India

  1. Application form as per the ordered format is given in Annexure I.
  2. Self-Evaluation Report as per the format described in Annexure-II.
  3. Original test reports from the recognized laboratory, not older than 30 days.
  4. A scanned copy of the acknowledgement received from the portal screenshot of the online file submission.
  5. Address proof that could be any documents issued by the government.
  6. Demand draft with the guided fees along with the Xerox of DD and NEFT details.
  7. The undertaking document.
  8. Affidavit as per Format C.

Validity and Renewal of BIS Certification Services

BIS Certification is valid for 2 years and it can be renewed if the product and the standard are not changed. Certification renewal is performed for the minimum one year and maximum up to five years. If the Certification is not renewed before the expiry of the license, the applicant will have to pay a late fee of five thousand rupees.

BIS Certification guidelines for importer and trader

To import your product into India, the importer has to follow some guidelines issued by the Government of India.

  • BIS Certification is issued to Manufacturing Units only and no importer or trader can get it in their name.
  • All importers and traders need to get BIS Certification for their respective Manufacturing Unit before placing their order for scheduled electronic items. They can initiate & coordinate the process of BIS Certification on behalf of their respective Manufacturing Unit.
  • Importer/Trader can also request the Manufacturing Unit to get the BIS Certification in their (Importer’s/Trader’s) brand name.
  • Importer/Trader can become the Indian Representative for Foreign Manufacturing Unit as it is mandatory to have an Indian Representative to get BIS Certification.

Brand Liaison is a team of qualified BIS Certification Consultants that provide quick and reliable BIS Certification Services to Indian as well as foreign manufacturers in a hassle-free manner. Brand Liaison is a professionally managed company based in Delhi, India offering various compliance services for Indian market.

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