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Brand Liaison India Pvt. Ltd. has constituted an Advisory Board - an informal group of business professionals and technical experts, both internal and external - who have been selected to offer opinions and advise the company on all business issues so as to help the company succeed in achieving its targets and explore new areas for expansion. The company uses the Advisory Board to weather its current challenges and to make recommendations and / or provide key information and materials and opportunities. The board is authorised to render a decision or judgement on an issue - in addition to providing opinions.

Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Organization Industry City
1 Rajesh Kumar, Chief Business Executive, Brand Liaison Rajesh Kumar

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Chief Business Executive Brand Liaison India Pvt Ltd Compliance Management Delhi
2 AK Chawla, Technical Consultant, Brand Liaison AK Chawla

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Technical Consultant Former Director - MIETY,
Govt. of India

Currently associated with Brand Liaison
Compliance Management Delhi
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